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About Cacti Flor Wellness

Cacti represents Endurance, Courage and Power. It is designed to survive when the going gets tough!

Cacti Flor Wellness is a social community network made up of family, friends, colleagues, sisters, or soul sisters. The platform thrives on curating educational events and facilitating a supportive community where we can share wellness tips, affirmations and insights to better navigate our healing journey in the face of adversity. 

Rooted In: Faith + Self Love + Community + Nature.

Inspiration: The Cacti plant represents endurance, courage and power, and are designed to survive when the going gets tough!

Building from the meaning of the Cacti Flor or "Flower" which blooms from mid-February through mid-June every year in Arizona, it is a dream to build a unique and authentic community that empowers one another to blossom in the face of adversity. 

Made in Arizona with Love. Thank you, Diannette 

Cacti Flor Wellness believes that every woman has the strength within her to overcome any obstacle and thrive with resilience.

Our Mission


Diannette J. Figueroa was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to two hard-working, middle-class parents. At the age of 9, her parents decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia, to embark on a journey towards building a new life. She went on to graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s in Public Health Administration from Arizona State University, with the goal of one day helping to transform the health care industry and make a difference in people’s lives and in the community. She has over 20 years of experience leading in Arizona and in the healthcare industry.

Image by Yen Vu

Personal Story and Tribulations

At the age of 40, Diannette found herself in a place of adversity suffering from infertility, two back-to-back pregnancies, a divorce and setbacks in her young daughters' and family health conditions. Her quest to transform the health care landscape shifted drastically to a personal survival mission as she searched for answers and navigated the complex landscape of healing and wellness. This epiphany opened the way for her to grow personally and get a fresh perspective on life that she would like to embrace with others, especially Women & Girls who need support and find themselves in similar situations of difficulty and hardship. 


Living in Arizona has been a huge part of Diannette’s mission in creating this blog. The desert landscape, outdoors and nature has been instrumental in navigating her adversity towards a life of wellness. The mission of Cacti Flor Wellness is to transform the lives of Women & Girls of any age by serving as a light in their quest to survive when the going gets tough! Her goal is to provide a Wellness Platform in which they can blossom in the face of adversity with resilience and courage towards finding their purpose in life.

Image by Gautier Salles

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